The iPhone Keeps Us Grasping

The iPhone Keeps Us Grasping Today more than ever we are immersed in a culture of consumerism and demand. We are a generation brought up with iPods, laptops, and in later years iPhones and iPads. We’ve become unaware of the ways we’ve bought into and are hooked on the consumerist impulse. Even a simple commercial […]

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Fleeing escapism

Originally posted on Neal Obstat Theological Opining: There can be so much escapism in our striving for a “spiritual life.” We often flee from the concrete, apparently banal reality that is filled with God’s presence to an artificial existence that corresponds with our own ideas of piety and holiness, but where God is not…

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As I reflect on the first Sunday of Advent, I’m reminded of the way the Father constantly molds my heart. In the first reading from Isaiah, he says “You, LORD, are our Father.” While the lector was reading this line during Mass on Sunday, the baby behind me was repeating “daddy, daddy, daddy” to her […]

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